Motivated Seller Leads

Digital Marketing Package For House Flippers, Real Estate Investors, and Wholesalers

Stop Buying from Lead Providers

▶ How are you currently getting motivated seller leads? In today’s world, post card mailers and buying leads are not the right way to reach consumers with who want to sell there homes quickly for cash.

Start Using PPC with Google Ads & Bing Ads

▶ You need a modern strategy that will get you unique motivated seller leads with the consumer's full name, email, phone number, address and selling home date. These leads call you or fill out a form fill on your own website and want you to reach out to them with a cash offer.

Hire a Motivated Home Seller Marketing Company

▶ Zeller Media has extensive experience creating a profitable online brand for motivated seller real estate businesses. We have the skills to build you a marketing plan which generates you a strong pipeline of sales.

Free Case Study

Learn how FL Home Buyers used paid search to increase lead volume by 500%

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What Our CLIENTs Say About Us

Testimonial Image

Since day one I have constantly been given straightforward, honest, and actionable feedback about what needs to be done to continue to generate the highest returns for my business in all aspects of digital marketing

Max Cohen

Owner of FL Home Buyers
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We receive 70% more leads with better quality than what they received with previous providers. Zeller media leads a personal engagement, digging into the partner's needs and keeping everything organized & detailed.

Tony Kaufman

Real Estate Agent at Remax
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Zeller Media is an expert that delivers results, I can give the highest possible recommendation for his services.

scott lustin

CFO at ZeroDown
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Zeller Media has worked on the Deed Street paid search campaign for almost a year. Bradley has done an amazing job at finding success in our niche market and we are always impressed with his ability to effectively communicate the progress and occasional challenges.

jacob neff

Executive Vice President at Deed Street Capital
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Zeller Media was a great help in setting up our Google Ads campaigns. We started net new, and thanks to a lot of hard work Google has become one of our strongest performing channels

Steven Astrachan

Marketing & Media Director at PointsBet
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Zeller Media has greatly improved our companies paid search performance and was able to scale that volume quickly without affecting the CPA. It is a pleasure to work with Zeller Media and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a skilled and attentive paid search buyer

Nick Plunkett

VP of Business Intelligence at Local Staffing LLC


We will build your brand online to acquire motivated home seller from digital advertising. Don't worry about a thing as our team will build your website, manage your media, and automate communication.  


Paid Search Advertising
Set up and management of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.
Target people who have visited your website again


Reporting Dashboard
Custom build reporting with online interface to see data in real-time
Custom Landing Page
Conversion focused funnels to drive high conversion rates


Automatic alerts by text and email about new form fill and phone call leads
Syncing Leads
Connect leads from advertising to your CRM
$500 Setup
Includes account build out, landing pages creation, and tracking. (one-time fee)
$1,200 Monthly Management Fee*
Includes account optimization, automated reporting dashboard, call tracking, monthly performance review meeting, and landing page maintenance. (*Monthly spend above $6,000 will be charged a 25% fee on media spend.)
$2,000 + Media Budget
Choose your media budget based upon the size of your targeted location + desired monthly lead volume
100% Transparency
No hidden fees, no hiding fee's, see exactly how much money will be spent on the media budget



The cost of a lead depends on each local market and the competition in each market. Highly competitive locations typically result in higher cost per clicks which translate to higher cost per leads. Therefore, the cost per lead can be as low as $150 in a less competitive market and as high as $450 in a highly competitive market.

What is my lead close rate?

Most of our clients closing rate is between 35-50%. The best negotiators are able to close deals at higher rates for motivated sellers. Also, some clients are very picky with the homes they buy which may lower their closing rates.

How Much Do I need To Spend?

To be successful, you need to be in the top positions on Google. In order to do that, you need to strong budgets in the range of $2,000 to $25,000 per month. The budget needed is based on the population of the geography you are targeting and the competition.

Why Use Paid Search?

Unlike lead sellers where you don't know where your leads are coming from, working with a paid search agency to generate motivated seller leads it the best way to get exclusive hot leads. The leads generated are from your own website and branding and want to speak with you directly to get cash offer which allows for very high close rates.

Get Your Exclusive Territory

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