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Stop Traditional Marketing

How do you source your Medicare advantage leads and Medicare supplement leads? In today’s digital world, post cards and cold calling are time consuming and not efficient.

Move To A Digital Strategy

You need a modern strategy that will get you unique Medicare leads free from competition which convert at higher rates in a faster time than traditional offline marketing.

Use An Experienced Partner

▶ Zeller Media has extensive experience creating a profitable online brand for Medicare insurance brokers of all sizes. We build you a marketing plan which connects you with T65 leads that increase your immediate profits and yearly residuals.

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Zeller Media has increased medicare supplement leads for my business by 300% with search engine marketing. They build custom landing page with multi-step lead form that drove higher qualified leads which made it easier for our sales agents to convert

Aaron Gordon

Owner of South Florida Medicare Specialists
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The client has wrapped up sales thanks to Zeller Media's service. They had an effective workflow that maintained a communicative process where the vendor checks in to ensure the progress of their project.

Michele Simones

Owner of Florida Medicare Specialists


We will build your brand online to acquire unique Medicare leads from digital advertising. Don't worry about a thing as our team will build your website, manage your media, and automate communication.  


Paid Search
Set up and management of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.
Advertise to seniors who visit the website and don't convert when the visit the website.


Lead Tracking & Scoring
Track all phone calls and form fill conversions and mark the qualified leads
Reporting Dashboard
Custom build reporting with online interface to see data in real-time
Custom Landing Page
Conversion focused funnels to drive high conversion rates


Automatic alerts by text and email about new leads
Syncing Leads
Connect leads from advertising to your CRM
Lead Automation
Automatically send out emails to new leads



The cost of a Medicare lead depends on each local market and the competition in each market. Highly competitive locations typically result in higher cost per clicks which translate to higher cost per leads. Therefore, the cost per lead can be as low as $25 in a less competitive market and as high as $85 in a highly competitive market.

What is my POLICY close rate?

Most of our clients closing rate is between 20-35%. Clients that are able to respond to leads right away typically see higher response rates from the leads and leads to more Medicare policies sold.

what are the Types of Medicare leads?

On average, 50% of the leads are signing up for Medicare the first time. (Turning 65 or 65+ retiring and losing company health plan) The other 50% of the leads are seniors wanting to change from one plan to another plan due to being unhappy on an existing plan or change in financials.

How Much Do I need To Spend?

This is based on a two key factors, how many leads do you want a month and how large is the area you want to advertise in. Reach out to us to find out what is the best recommended budget for your geo-location.

What is the minimum AMOUNT can i spend?

For the account to be successful, the account needs at least 10 clicks a day in order to get the algorithms enough date to optimize beyond the initial setup. Therefore, if the average CPC is $12, and you want the account to be live 25 days each month, you will need a minimum budget of $3,000 each month.

Why Use Paid Search?

Unlike when you buy warm transfer leads where you don't know where your leads are coming from, working with a paid search agency to generate Medicare leads it the best way to get exclusive hot leads. The leads generated are from your own website and branding and want to speak with you directly to enroll or change into a new Medicare plan which allows for very high close rates.

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