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Stop Traditional Marketing

How do you source your Medicare advantage leads and Medicare supplement leads? In today’s digital world, post cards and cold calling are time consuming and not efficient.

Move To A Digital Strategy

You need a modern strategy that will get you unique Medicare leads free from competition which convert at higher rates in a faster time than traditional offline marketing.

Use An Experienced Partner

▶ Zeller Media has extensive experience creating a profitable online brand for Medicare insurance brokers of all sizes. We build you a marketing plan which connects you with T65 leads that increase your immediate profits and yearly residuals.

We use online advertising to reach consumers Searching for Medicare Plans


searching for medicare supplement plans

Consumers search for medicare supplement plans on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & AOL


medicare supplement insurance ad copy

Consumers sees your ad with tailored messaging about Medicare Supplement Plans


medicaresupplementsouthflorida.com website example\

Consumers visits your website and reads relevant content about Medicare plan options


senior citizen calling about medicare information

Consumers contact your business by calling or filling out a form fill and than your broker sells them a policy

Testimonial Image

Zeller Media has increased medicare supplement leads for my business by 300% with search engine marketing. They build custom landing page with multi-step lead form that drove higher qualified leads which made it easier for our sales agents to convert

Aaron Gordon

Owner of South Florida Medicare Specialists
Testimonial Image

Since day one I have constantly been given straightforward, honest, and actionable feedback about what needs to be done to continue to generate the highest returns for my business in all aspects of digital marketing

Max Cohen

Owner of FL Home Buyers
Testimonial Image

Bradley was a great help in setting up our Google Ads campaigns. We started net new, and thanks to a lot of hard work Google has become one of our strongest performing channels

Steven Astrachan

Marketing & Media Director at PointsBet
Testimonial Image

Bradley has greatly improved our companies paid search performance and was able to scale that volume quickly without affecting the CPA. It is a pleasure to work with Bradley and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and attentive paid search buyer

Nick Plunkett

VP of Business Intelligence at Local Staffing LLC
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Learn how South Florida Medicare Specialists used digital advertising to acquire Medicare Advantage and Supplement leads

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We will build your brand online to acquire unique Medicare leads from digital advertising. Don't worry about a thing as our team will build your website, manage your media, and automate communication.  


Paid Search
Set up and management of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.
Paid Social
Set up and management of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.
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Lead Tracking & Scoring
Track all phone calls and form fill conversions and mark the qualified leads
Reporting Dashboard
Custom build reporting with online interface to see data in real-time
Custom Landing Page
Conversion focused funnels to drive high conversion rates
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Automatic alerts by text and email about new leads
Syncing Leads
Connect leads from advertising to your CRM
Lead Automation
Automatically send out emails to new leads
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microsoft ads medicare leads
instagram medicare leads
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Medicare Lead Marketing Packages

Hire Zeller Media to be your marketing arm of your business. Advertise using our Medicare prospect’s decision-making process to reach seniors looking into Medicare, researching Medicare plans, and ready to sign up for a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan. All of our marketing packages advertise on search engines including Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and more.

Our program is highly targeted to your key demographics based on keyword categories, locations, age, gender, and more. Typically 35% of leads thats are generated are seniors calling your number directly and 65% of the leads are seniors filling out a contact form with their zip code, age, gender, full name, phone number, and email. All contact form leads will be sent to you immediately via email or text so that you can follow up right away. The Medicare Lead Marketing Packages have been reviewed by attorneys to ensure compliance with MCMG and CMS guidelines.

Zeller Media offers a premium marketing package which can accommodate all business marketing budgets. Check out the packages and choose which is right for your business.

Premium Package Includes

Google Ads Account
Microsoft Ads Account
Management & Optimizations
Form Capture Tracking
Management & Optimizations
Lead Scoring
CRM Integration
Email Lead Nurturing
Landing Page Creation
Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
Weekly Meetings
Exclusive Rights in Your Market

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Millions of Americans qualify for Medicare each year and there is an opportunity to build long lasting relationships with them by building your own brand online.  Senior citizens are searching for Medicare coverage and supplemental plans and looking to work with local brokers that will provide the with a premium experience. We can build your online presence to help you reach this lead source.

Our Medicare lead generation from Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Facebook ads allow you to market directly to senior citizens and their adult children who are looking for supplemental Medicare coverage. These leads may know the process for med supp plans or just a basic understanding of some or all of Medicare Part C, Part D, Part E, Part F, and Part G plans.

Use our signature lead generation process to reach Americans turning 65. They make up the largest portion of the website form leads, and phone call leads driven by digital marketing. These high intent Medicare leads are eligible for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medigap plans and want they want to learn more about what plans have their doctors in-network and what their prescription medicine deductibles cost. However, digital marketing does create Med Supp leads from people over 65 and looking for new plan. These Americans may have been paying more than they needed, didn’t understand the process with they first signed up, or had a life event that requires them to change plans. These leads are just as valuable and create profitable commissions and yearly residuals as well.

Do you have a lead source for 2021/2022 Medicare open enrollment? If not, consider our marketing agency that specializes in getting you T65 leads.