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PPC for Roofing Companies

The top three lead generation sources are in-person leads, literary trade leads, and paid search.   Paid search is the third most successful method of generating leads because it allows companies to reach out to potential customers based on keywords.   This blog post will focus on creating a successful campaign for roofing companies.

Lead generation is obtaining leads by using tools such as paid search, which are cost-effective and help generate the most potential leads.   Using lead generation software and ad networks, individuals can help improve their chances of getting more people who want a roof installed by developing an ideal consumer that fits their campaign.

With the help of a professional, roofing companies can learn more about their PPC options and paid search to determine the best strategy for getting the most leads. Zeller Media is a marketing agency that specializes in helping roofing companies reach out to more clients.   We provide strategies to help your company gain more business through search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertisements.

1. Builds traffic to a website

Paid search enables companies to reach out to those searching for roofing services through methods such as AdWords and Facebook Ads.   When the individual clicks on this ad, the roofing company gets access to their information, which can be used for lead generation or a follow-up inquiry.

2. Improves search engine rankings

By using PPC, roofing companies can improve their overall search engine rankings by improving the quality of their content and developing a high-value landing page that attracts potential customers.

3. Improves conversion rates

Paid search for roofing companies should include specific information about the company's services and links to their landing pages to increase conversion rates.   By providing the consumer with helpful information about the business, such as their services, the company will increase its conversion rate by receiving more inquiries.

4. Improves brand awareness

Paid search can help roofing companies increase their brand awareness by providing the consumer with useful information on their products or services.   This will include making the individual aware of the company, which increases their chances of going with the roofing company as they can trust them to get the job done.

5. Increases sales

Paid search promotes the roofing company by increasing their sales and conversions, which leads to a greater return on investment (ROI) for the business.   Paid search is an effective method for roofing companies to increase their overall sales by reaching out to those searching for their services.


We Serve Ads to Homeowners Searching on Google For Roof Repairs


Consumers search for roofers in specific locations on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & AOL

We only serve your ads on highly relevant search terms and break them out into key categories

Roof Leaks

Roof Repair in {Location}

Emergency Roof Repair

Commerical Roof Professionals {Location}

All keyword categories are grouped to contain similar search terms like roofs, leaks, gutters, restoration, emergency, flat roof, metal roof, commercial, and more.

Consumers are specific when researching roofing companies and often search for a specific location because they want a local company. Therefore, most PPC keywords include all desired locations that you want to generate phone calls from.


Consumers see your ad with tailored messaging about licensed roofers in your area


Consumers visit your landing page, which uses our proprietary high-converting landing page designs


Consumers contact your business by calling or filling out a form fill for you to follow up with a roofing price quote

Claim Your Roofing Territory and Block Out Your Competitors


Additional Roofing Digital marketing tactics To Consider

Roofing Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most used social media sites.   By using Facebook ads, roofing companies can provide their followers with valuable information about the company and its services to lead to more conversions.   Roofing companies should take advantage of Facebook's tools to make sure that their ads are effective to increase their conversion rates for each ad impression.   The roofing company's Facebook ads should include a call to action with clear statements such as "Get a Free Quote Now" and "Leave your information to receive a free estimate."

Roofing company content marketing strategy

With such a competitive industry, roofers must have a content marketing strategy to stay competitive.   This will require the development of top-quality content regularly about the company's products and services for free of charge, which can then be used as organic backlinks that will rank on their own or be optimized for lead generation with pay-per-click ads.

Roofing Social Media Posting

Our paid search experts, strategists, and analysts will develop and launch your pay-per-click campaign based on our strategic plan. We'll use ROI tracking with performance-driven ads to build a data-driven paid search campaign that delivers value to your company.

Roofing Local Business Listings

Paid search is an excellent way for roofing companies to take advantage of local services.   By using this method, the company can bring in more customers by reaching out to people within the company's service area.   This will also help generate leads that are more likely to be interested in the services offered by the business.

Optimization and On-going Management

Getting your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns up and running is only the beginning. Each part of your campaign will be carefully tested and continuously optimized after it is launched. A dedicated team of paid search experts will continue to assess and tweak your paid search campaign to improve performance and discover ways to scale your paid efforts.

Get Started With Roofing Marketing Agency

At Zellar Media, our experienced PPC experts work to achieve that our clients are 100% satisfied with your campaign performance. The method we deploy is laser-focused and designed to connect your brand with homeowners who need roofing services. Are you ready to get qualified leads and increase your sales?

Our Advertising Package

We will build your brand online to acquire roofing leads from digital advertising. Don't worry about a thing as our team will build your website, manage your media, and automate communication.  


Paid Search

Set up and management of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.


Advertise to seniors who visit the website and don't convert when the visit the website.


Lead Tracking & Scoring

Track all phone calls and form fill conversions and mark the qualified leads

Reporting Dashboard

Custom build reporting with online interface to see data in real-time

Custom Landing Page

Conversion focused funnels to drive high conversion rates



Automatic alerts by text and email about new leads

Syncing Leads

Connect leads from advertising to your CRM

Lead Automation

Automatically send out emails to new leads

$500 Setup

Includes account build out, landing pages creation, and tracking. (one-time fee)

$1,250 Monthly Management Fee*

Includes account optimization, automated reporting dashboard, call tracking, monthly performance review meeting, and landing page maintenance. (*Monthly spend above $5,000 will be charged a 20% fee on media spend)

$2,000 + Media Budget

Choose your media budget based upon the size of your targeted location + desired monthly lead volume

100% Transparency

No hidden fees, no hiding fee's, see exactly how much money will be spent on the media budget

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