Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Cardiologists

November 4, 2022


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Bradley Zeller

Put your heart into your digital marketing! More than 18,000 Americans work as cardiologists. This number may seem small, but every cardiologist is a competitor to you. If you want your cardiology office to succeed, you need to start digital marketing. Yet you shouldn't rush into marketing without doing some research. Start by looking at a few critical digital marketing tips. What types of marketing and medical content should you make? Where should you market yourself online? How can you track your success and adjust your cardiology marketing campaigns? Answer these questions and you can turn digital marketing tips in 2022 into a successful business. Here are 10 essential tips.

1. Lean Into Your Specialty

Many doctors with a specialty try to appear as generalists. They think that this will let them appeal to more patients. In reality, coming off as a generalist can make you seem generic, and it can be hard for you to stand out amongst your competition. Make it clear through your marketing efforts that you are a cardiologist. Let people know what that means and why heart health is so important. Some people may not know what a cardiologist is. On your website, you should have one page explaining what you do. Use visuals that remind your audience of the heart. You can use many shades of red on your website and social media content, and you can create a logo for yourself with a heart in it. Don't be gory, but try to create subtle associations between your specialty and yourself.

2. Create a Range of Content

Some people go online to look for a cardiologist because they need one for themselves. Other people are worried about their heart health and want advice on how to protect their hearts. You should create content that reflects people's intentions. Because they are many search intentions, you need to produce many types of content. Having a page about cardiology is one way you can attract people looking for a cardiologist. You should have another page describing your professional experience and credentials. On your blog, you should write a how-to guide on how to find a cardiologist and link to your contact page at the bottom. Write several articles on promoting heart health. One article can be about a heart-healthy diet while another can be about exercise. The more articles you write, the more you can establish yourself as a thought leader.

3. Let Your Patients Know About Yourself

Patients like doctors who are respectful, good listeners, and compassionate. Incorporate these qualities into your digital marketing. The tone of your blog should be polite. You should not scare your patients, and you should provide solutions for problems like high blood pressure. You can write one post about yourself. Talk about where you grew up, how you became a doctor, and how you talk to your patients. On your about page, you can talk about your hobbies and interests besides medicine. Respond to comments on your blog personally. This lets you interact with potential patients and give advice in your own voice. Even if you receive negative comments, you should be graceful and reveal a little bit about who you are.

4. Form a Cardiologist Digital Marketing Strategy

Though you should be making many types of content, everything you write should reflect a goal of yours. You may want to attract more patients, or you may want to develop your reputation as a leader in your community. Read a guide on how to market your business online so you can see what other people have as goals. Think about what you want your marketing efforts to do for you. Then figure out a way you can track your progress toward your goal. For attracting more patients, you can look at viewer engagement figures on your website or sales figures. Give yourself a timeline for your strategy. You can reach most goals within a year. At the end of the year, assess your performance and come up with new ways you can market yourself. You should also look at the latest digital marketing tips for cardiologists to see how you can update your campaigns.

5. Encourage New Patient Reviews

72% of customers use Google reviews to research a company. Companies with 200 reviews or more have twice as much revenue as companies with fewer reviews. You should ask your patients to leave reviews for you on websites like Yelp. You can make a request at the end of each blog post, and you can link to your Yelp profile on your website. At the end of appointments, you should also request your patients to write reviews, even if they don't have positive things to say.

6. Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website

A common mistake in cardiology marketing is to design a website for computer users only. Many people are now looking for cardiologists on their phones, so you need to optimize your website for these users. Make the images on your website small so they are easy to view on a phone screen. Remove items that can cause the loading speed to lag, such as GIFs and other animated images. Keep your paragraphs short so they are easy to skim and don't go off the sides of the screen.  

7. Use Social Media

You may have social media accounts for your personal use, but you should start accounts for your cardiology practice. People often send complaints or comments to businesses on social media websites. At a minimum, you should open pages so people can interact with you, and you should respond to each comment. But you should also find opportunities to develop your brand. Share links to your blogs and produce content that informs your patients. On Instagram and Twitter, you can share infographics with statistics and facts about heart health. On Facebook, you can write short articles giving advice on cardiology. You can even use TikTok to get leads. Make short videos in which you answer questions about your practice, including questions about Medicare. Never post content on social media just for the sake of posting content. Post when you have something relevant and interesting to say. You can share other people's content and leave comments on their posts, but provide insightful content instead of advertising yourself.

8. Try Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) lets you leverage search engine algorithms so you rank highly on search engine results pages. Local SEO is a variant of SEO that lets you target users within your geographic area. You should take keywords that people in your area use and place them inside your website content. If you are from Jersey City, you can write a blog post with "Jersey City cardiologist" or "cardiology in Jersey City." Include the keyword a few times, but write sentences where the keyword would make sense. You should also include visuals from your area. Take photographs of landmarks and community leaders and place them in your blog posts. Feel free to post on social media about community events so patients see that you are involved in your community.

9. Create an Email List

Email marketing can be effective, but many people make mistakes while using emails. Do not buy an email list from someone else, as the list may contain addresses for people outside your general area. Build a list of people who reach out to you and request more information about your services. Keep your emails short and snappy. As with blog posts, your paragraphs should be short and packed with evocative details. Use a strong header with action words that grab your reader's attention. Send emails out when you have an update about your business or a new service you want to promote. People will tune out your emails if you send them too often.

10. Look at Your Analytics

You should check your analytics at least once a month. Assess as many figures as possible, including how many people check out your website. Connect your figures to your posts. If your posts are performing well, you should make more posts in a similar vein. Never repeat the same content, but try to emulate the voice and format of your most successful posts. If your posts are underperforming, you should switch gears. Talk to a marketer and figure out new ways you can promote yourself. Consider restarting your campaign entirely and selecting a new goal to grow your business.

Learn About Digital Marketing Tips

You must use an arsenal of digital marketing tips to increase your client volume. Leverage your knowledge and write many posts about cardiology. Think of a few goals you want to hit and develop campaigns for each goal. Use all tools at your disposal, including social media and emails. Optimize your website for as many people as possible and create short pieces of content. Adjust your campaign over time based on your strengths in analytics.

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