The Ultimate Guide to Motivated Seller Lead Marketing for Facebook Ads

January 25, 2022


Author :

Bradley Zeller

The real estate business is booming, and 2021 saw an increase of more than eight percent in home sales over the previous year. You've probably either been a part of this market or are looking to get into it. But how do you find and attract motivated sellers with Facebook ads? Read on for some Facebook marketing tips to help you figure out strategies for improving your motivated seller lead marketing!

What Are Motivated Sellers?

Motivated sellers are people who are eager to sell their home or property. There are a lot of things that might make someone a motivated seller, but they all have one trait in common: they really want to get rid of their property quickly. Typically, someone becomes motivated to sell their home because of something major in their life. This might be a job change, tax trouble, or motivation to live closer to family. Because of these circumstances, they want to sell their home quickly, either to get money or to move elsewhere. This provides a unique advantage for real estate investors, as it gives them an opportunity to buy a home for less than the market price. A motivated seller often doesn't have the time or resources to fix and market their house properly. This means the house would probably sell less than comparable houses, which gives you the advantage to swoop in and buy it. Even though you save money buying a house from a motivated seller, you'll have to provide them something in return to make them want to sell to you. Namely, expediency, efficiency, and peace of mind. When someone really wants their house gone, they don't want to go through the process of fixing it up, advertising, getting appraisals, and everything else that goes with selling a house. You can offer them speed and remove the need to go through many of these steps, and in return, pay less to acquire the property.

How You Can Use Facebook Ads To Attract Motivated Sellers

Facebook is a great tool for generating market leads. Their paid advertisements are a strong and effective method of digital marketing. Many people have found great success with finding leads and buying homes through their Facebook ads. To start with, you need to create a Facebook business page. This will allow you to easily create and buy ads through the platform. It also makes a great stop to send clicks and traffic, particularly if you don't want to set up your own website. There are a few ways you can create ads on Facebook, and the method you use will depend on what kind of traffic and leads you want to generate. You can create an ad through your business page, boost a post you've already made, or create an ad campaign. These all have different strengths and costs, and Facebook regularly changes its marketing strategy and algorithm, so it's a good idea to read up on their latest guidelines. Once you decide on a path you want to take with your ads, you can create goals through Facebook. You can try to get more website visitors, you can boost your business page, or you can try to get more messages. Facebook will curate and guide things based on the outcomes you say you desire. From there, it's a matter of actually creating and designing your ad and your ad copy. But how what's the best way to make an ad?

How To Design Your Facebook Marketing And Ads

More often than not, you'll want to have a destination URL to send people to when they click on your ad. If you have a website or another page for your business, this is what you want people to go to! Next, you need to choose your ad format. We've found that a simple image is best, although you can also do videos and slideshows if you want to try something more complex down the road. A design that really works is an image with several photos of houses nicely laid out, with a simple slogan or words laid over the top. Something like "We Buy Houses!" with your company name will work great, and can really attract potential sellers! You'll also have to decide on an audience you want to target with your ads. For motivated home sellers, you're probably going to want middle-aged adults. You can narrow down your geographic area to only your city, or expand it to the region if you want more options. Try to make sure your targeted demographic isn't too broad or too specific. Your potential audience size should be somewhere in the middle of the green part of the dial that Facebook gives you, which means you're reaching enough people without getting too broad. You also need to write a headline (or ad copy) to go along with your advertisement. However, you have some limitations here because of Facebook's rules and regulations.

Limitations To Motivated Seller Lead Marketing

Basically, Facebook's advertising policies forbid you from specifically targeting people with your words and ad copy. What this means is, even if you're targeting adults with houses, you can't say, "Do you want to sell your house?" Stick with generic, non-targeted phrases such as "We buy unwanted houses, fast!" in your ad copy. You can make it specific to your business, or even advertise some of your specific services, but you can't specifically call out the people you're trying to advertise to. Additionally, you have to make sure that your ads follow your local laws and don't contain any false or misleading claims. Don't claim, "We can buy a house the same day we get a call to sell!" if you can't actually follow up on that. Facebook doesn't look very kindly on misleading people you're advertising to, and you could end up getting your business removed!

Learn More About Digital Advertising!

Although motivated seller lead marketing can be tricky at first, it's well worth mastering! You'll be amazed at how many houses you find that fit the bill once you start generating leads, and your business will doubtless see a lot of improvement. But it's not always easy to figure everything out at first! So if you're still unsure where to start, or you want to get more info about real estate, contact us! We'll be happy to help you improve your business in any way we can.

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