A Guide to Using Google Ads for Real Estate Motivated Seller Leads

April 1, 2022


Author :

Bradley Zeller

What is the difference between businesses that successfully use Google to gain new leads and those that fail? That is the burning question many businesses have. The main difference in getting real estate motivated seller leads, is an understanding of how the system works. Getting leads from Google doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't require endless hours of your time to set up either. Once you know how to do it, then you just follow the system and watch the leads come in. The strategy we are talking about is using Google ads. To this day, Google ads continue to be a trusted method for adding fresh leads to your funnel. However, just because you use these advertisements it doesn't guarantee that clients are going to come. To get the best results, you need to know the keys to using Google effectively. So if you would like to know how to use Google ads to get yourself real estate leads, and a few effective tips that can assist you along the way, then keep reading.

Why Use Google Ads?

Since the year 2000, Google ads have been a viable way to get leads and clients for your business. However, just like any other online strategy, there is a skill to it. This is why over the last few years, more businesses have been jumping on the bandwagon of using Google to land clients. But the reality is that some have tried and many have failed. With each failure came a lesson on what to avoid when it came to using Google for advertising. Fast-forward to today, and things have become somewhat savvy on Google.   The good news is that Google ads are so effective that people often prefer them to Facebook ads and YouTube ads. This is because every day millions of people search on Google. Many of these people are interested in real estate so there are business opportunities everywhere. Once you know how to use ads to your advantage, then you can expect to see a long line of interested leads.

Google Ads Best Practices  

Advertising on Google is all about having good lead generation practices. Once you know how to use ads, then you will get the most bang for your buck in your marketing. The best way to do this is by following reliable advice. Which is what we aim to outline for you here. The first thing you need to be aware of is the zero tolerance for explicit content that Google enforces. These restrictions are there for one reason, to ensure that Google's users have a safe and positive experience. While your ads will be promoting real estate, it's important that they don't contain any explicit content. If they do, then your advertisements may be ineffective and you may potentially get your ad blocked. Just like all big platforms, Google has an algorithm. So the worst thing you can do is work against it by having banned content. Generally, your ads should not include any harmful content. You should aim to keep your ads free from restrictions by using authentic pictures, original content, and no swearing or discriminatory words. It may sound like a lot of work to avoid all of this. However, once you do the work, you can promote your services on one of the world's biggest online markets.

Real Estate Motivated Seller Leads

No matter what kind of real estate marketing you do, the end goal should always be to generate leads and increase your revenue. To do this, you must use effective strategies. So another one of Google's restrictions that you should be aware of is the housing policy restrictions. The housing policy restrictions are there to ensure that there is inclusiveness in the Google marketplace. The restriction also makes it harder to target a specific region or location with your Google ads. So you should keep this in mind when creating your ad content. Another thing to consider is doing market research. A great way to find out what motivates buyers is to find out what they need help with. So researching the market will let you know what your client's struggles are and what motivates them to take action.

Write Great Real Estate Ads

You should also be aware of how to write your ads. One way to make your ads convert higher is to add copywriting to them. To do this you can either hire a great copywriter or write great content yourself. You should focus on pain points and the biggest benefits that your real estate opportunity brings potential clients. If you can convey your opportunity well, then you are much more likely to get interested leads. Besides copywriting, you should consider the keywords in your ad. We can't stress the importance of this because without keywords, you will not rank high enough on Google. Meaning your ads may not be as effective as they could be. Again to find out what keywords are working, do some research on Google. You can even look at some other articles or ads for inspiration. However, we are not advising that you copy them. Within your keywords, you should aim to target people who are searching for things like 'we buy houses', 'sell my house for cash', and 'house with code violations'.

Get Help With Your Real Estate Ads Now

After reading about getting real estate motivated seller leads, you now have a better idea of how to use Google to get leads for your business. Getting leads, sales and revenue isn't always an easy task. However, it is something we can help you with. So if you would like to find ways to get more leads and clients for your real estate business, then get help now.

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