Why Use Google Ads to Generate Mortgage Note Holder Leads?

February 1, 2022


Author :

Bradley Zeller

Small businesses use Google Ads to reach millions of prospects. These ads help businesses increase revenue while spending less money overall. Google Ads can help mortgage companies get new leads. Filling up your pipeline gives you more time to hop on the phone. If you want to sustainable scale and grow your business, you need Google Ads. Still not sure if Google Ads should be on your radar? We'll explore the benefits of using these ads for your PPC marketing, so keep reading below.

Top-Tier Targeting Capabilities for Your Mortgage Note Business

Google Ads provide mortgage note buying companies with the best targeting capabilities they can get. You can target based on search intent, location, and keywords to find the best prospects. Some mortgage note companies only target specific states and counties. Google Ads provides those capabilities as well. You can also exclude states and counties from your ad campaigns. You can also disqualify users based on keywords and other factors, which helps you reduce low-quality leads. Google Ads provides comprehensive data on ad performance that is easy to track. You can review each campaign and individual keywords to check whether or not it is doing well. This data helps mortgage note companies make data-backed changes to improve ad performance and save money overall.

Easier Follow-Up With Leads

Unfortunately, not every lead immediately converts into a client. Mortgage note companies nurture relationships over time, leading to some conversions. However, follow-ups can get lost in the cracks. Companies may forget to email some of their leads. They may mix up names and important details, and human error can turn off qualified leads and make them look elsewhere. Google Ads remove human error at the initial stages of the customer journey. You can set up retargeting ads to automatically follow up with leads who didn't buy so that they aren't forgotten. You can also set up retargeting campaigns on Facebook Ads. Combining Google and Facebook ads puts your brand in front of leads more often!

More Time to Make Calls

Google Ads turns lead hunting into a thing of the past. Instead of sending cold emails and calls, Google brings warm leads your way. These leads want to inquire about your services for mortgage notes. Less lead hunting gives you more time to call qualified leads. You can automate several steps of the process to increase conversions. Scheduling apps increase appointments by eliminating back-and-forth emails about availability.

Quick Budget Adjustments

If you spend money on a newspaper ad, you don't get to make adjustments. You can't pull out if you don't get a sufficient ROI. You can stop a Google Ad at any time. Companies can make real-time budget adjustments to increase or decrease spending. You can raise budgets for top-performing campaigns and reduce spending on underperforming ads. Some mortgage note companies disable entire ad sets or only turn off a few keywords. Some campaigns offer great promise, but a few keywords hurt your results. Turning off low-performing keywords will improve a campaign's performance.

Get Help Growing Your Mortgage Note Business

Google Ads will help your mortgage note company get leads! However, these ads take considerable time to master. Even when you know how to use Google Ads, it will require constant monitoring. You don't want to waste money on unproductive ads. You also don't want to waste too much time hovering over your profitable ads. Zeller Media can manage your Google Ads for you! Our skills will help you get qualified leads and keep the phone ringing. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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