The Ultimate Guide to Generating Leads for Medicare

October 20, 2022


Author :

Bradley Zeller

As of late 2021, 63,964,675 Americans benefit from Medicare services. Medicare provides critical medical coverage for millions of seniors across the US. Many of these Medicare users also purchase Medicare supplemental policies, and you know as a seller how critical it is to connect with them. With so many users, connecting and finding Medicare leads might seem simple enough. Yet, often seniors ignore or get overwhelmed by the Medicare system. Fortunately, generating leads for Medicare is easier than you might think, but only if you create a rock-solid plan and understand what you are trying to accomplish. If you're ready to start taking your Medicare selling practices to the next level, read on, and we'll walk you through everything you need to know about lead generation.

What Is Lead Generation?

You probably already know that lead generation is integral to your success in selling your Medicare product. Lead generation is finding a lead and converting that lead into a potential customer for your product. Since Medicare services a specific audience, you can look for Medicare leads by targeting those customers using several marketing strategies. Many of these strategies work together to build a solid platform for finding Medicare leads.

Build and Maintain Your Own Website

One of the first things you'll want to do is build and maintain a website. A business website is necessary in today's tech-driven world, even for seniors. Your potential customers can visit your website and get information. You can also use your website to collect data and have potential customers sign up to get information from you. It's a powerful tool for building a database.

Use Social Media

7 out of every 10 Americans use social media; this includes the demographic you're trying to reach.Social media platforms can be powerful for communicating about your product and getting potential customers. It's critical to have success with social media that you use it consistently, so customers see what you're posting. You can use your posts to educate, invite, and even present yourself as an expert.

Get on the Video Bandwagon

Video content is everywhere these days and can often be more engaging than simply using print. Don't be intimidated by video, thinking it's too complicated. Get comfortable speaking on camera, then use video to promote your product and encourage potential customers to engage with you. Remember, you can use this video content on your website and social media platforms to connect all your content and information.


Customers want to make purchases from someone who they view as an expert. Blogging is a powerful SEO tool to get your website noticed. Blogging can also be a powerful tool to communicate your product and services with potential customers. You can use your blog posts to improve your SEO back to your site. Once customers arrive on your website, they can visit your blog. You then have regular blog posts that can engage your customer and present you as an expert in your field.


Email still works as a primary source of communication for many users. Yes, people do get a lot of emails and can get overloaded. Yet, it can be a useful tool for communicating upcoming events and inviting customers to learn about your product. You can use your email list to invite potential customers to visit your website, read your blog post, and even attend events you're hosting.

Host Online Events

Medicare users get information yearly during the open enrollment window. It allows them to make changes to their Medicare plan. This is a perfect time for you to step in and discuss their insurance options while hosting an online event. You can use your website for advertising and even posting the event. You can send out email blasts marketing and reminding about your event. Then use the online event for marketing your product and engaging with potential customers. You can use the event to have viewers sign up for a time when you can meet further with them one-on-one.

Seek Client Referrals

Once you start building a customer base, it's important to stay connected with them. You can use all of your marketing tools to stay in communication with those existing customers. Customers appreciate feeling like they are being well taken care of. Then you can ask them to share your services with their friends and family. Client referrals are a powerful tool for connecting with new customers because you've already been given a seal of approval by an existing customer.

Build Lead Swapping Partnerships

Another potential avenue to leads is through lead swapping. You likely know other professionals who provide services to the same customers you're trying to reach. This might mean a retirement planning professional or tax specialist who works with seniors but doesn't offer the product you offer. Seek them out and consider setting up a lead-swapping partnership. You both benefit from this arrangement. You might even decide to host a joint event allowing you both to connect with the customers that you both bring in.


Another opportunity for finding leads is to do some professional networking. There are several avenues you can take as work to network. You might offer to speak to a group from an organization about Medicare. They offer an expert speaker, and you have a roomful of potential leads. You might partner with another professional and host a seminar. You can visit local clubs and organizations to seek out potential leads from their organizations.

Use the Best Strategies for Generating Leads

Generating leads is the cornerstone of building a strong customer base. With careful and connected marketing strategies, you can find those leads and convert them to sales. Learn more about marketing strategies you can use from experts like us. Contact us today to get started with your Medicare leads generation.

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