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June 28, 2021


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Bradley Zeller

Paid Search For Real Estate Brokers

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising are the top results for search engines. Also referred to as search ads, you place bids for your desired keywords. You pay an average fee of $1 or $2 every time your ad is clicked. Although Google is the leading provider, PPCs ads are also found on other search engines including Yahoo, Amazon, Bing and Yelp.  As a real estate agent, you can use PPC to increase traffic to your website and generate large returns. PPC works extremely well for the following reasons

Improved Leads and Active Searches:

With PPC, you can target individuals the moment they search for a home. By providing what they are searching for, your candidates become clients. Your advertising reaches people during their initial home searches when they need the most help.

Instant Lead Generation:

Beating companies with massive marketing budgets organically is virtually impossible. PPC enables you to quickly track lead generation for all tiers of real estate.

Eliminating Sharing:

You do not have to share your leads with other real estate agents. You pay to have users of search engines come specifically to your site. Once registered, the lead is yours. You can consistently win clients from other sites.

Superior ROI:

At Zeller Media, we generate PPC leads for an average cost of $21. If you convert two percent of your leads into closings, your cost is just $250 to $2,000 per closing.

Appearance of PPC Ads

You can include a variety of extensions in your ad. Your links can include your featured listings, phone number and price range. Your ads can be displayed at the top or bottom of search engine results. Other than the green ad label, your PPC ads will look much like unpaid, organic search results.  

How Does Google Ads Work

When a Google search is performed, a formal auction process begins for your ad. Ads failing to meet specific criteria are eliminated. Google uses AdRank to determine your quality score and maximum bid. If your quality score is higher, your ad can be placed at a lower cost. You can improve your quality score with relevant landing pages and providing users with an exceptional experience.

How Does Zeller Media Benefit New Clients?

We use our experience to create landing pages with high conversions targeted to get your visitors to register. We have vast experience with real estate PPC ad campaigns and have refined our keyword lists. We know exactly what works and what does not to save you valuable time and money.

Generating High-Quality Leads in the Real Estate Industry with Google Ads

Once you have a landing spot located on the first page, Google provides massive lead generation for real estate. You will not achieve this spot with just SEO or search engine optimization. When you need organic leads quickly, Google PPC ads are the solution. We understand the unique challenges of real estate PPC. Once you receive a steady lead flow, they must be converted into buyers.

Relevant Keywords

If you do not show your ads to individuals not interested in selling, buying or renting property, your leads will increase as your cost decreases. If your audience clicks on your PPC ad but is not interested in buying, you will lose money.  

Landing Pages with High Conversions

Your landing pages must be created for high conversions. If your page is not optimized, you will not succeed.

AdWords Structure

You need to use coherent Ad Groups for your selected keywords in conjunction with a landing page optimized for conversions.  

Real Estate PPC AdWords Challenges

You must address the issues below before proceeding with your lead-generation campaigns.

• Local product with no audience
• ‍Local product not targeting individuals relocating to or living in your city
• Ads not excluding homeowners
• Ineligible renters
• Candidates with a poor credit score

Real Estate PPC Strategies

Capturing Hot Leads by Bidding On Brand Keywords:

Do not ignore your brand or company name in your strategy. People can find your brand in unpredictable ways through real estate searches. Your brand can be found through apartment guides, Google searches and friends.  

Capturing High-Quality Leads

Your prospects are more likely to convert if your brand is located on top of their search results and a click takes them to your landing page. You can capture low-cost, high-quality leads for your brand keywords with Cost per Click or CPC.

Eliminating Irrelevant Locations

Using the geo-targeting feature through Google Ads eliminates localization issues and prevents your ads from appearing in irrelevant locations. To receive optimal benefits from geo-targeting, follow the steps below.

1. After logging into Google Ads, click Location Options. Go to the Target column and choose people interested in your targeted locations.

2. Go to the Exclude columns, and select people interested in your targeted locations. These individuals may be interested in relocating to your targeted city or locations.

3. Set adjustments for your location bid. You want your bid for searches near your targeted location increased and bids farther away decreased.

4. Eliminate Unwanted Exposure with Negative Keywords

Search phrases where you do not want your ad to show are negative keywords. If you handle commercial properties, residential can be used as a negative keyword. Negative keywords are also locations. The name of your city may also be the name of 20 cities in other states. Use a list of state abbreviations and names as broad-match negative keywords to prevent searches in another state.

Real Estate PPC Ad Positions

The order of your advertisement in the auction results is your ad position. If your ad is in position "1", no other advertisements are ahead of you. Your Ad Rank determines your ad position. Google determines this with five factors including quality score, bid amount and Ad Rank threshold. There are seven ad positions. You want the top position to ensure your ad receives more clicks, but to prevent extremely expensive ads, the best positions for real estate are 4.6, 3.5 and 2.1.

Best Keyword Match Type

You can choose from four match types for your Google Ads target keyword. Your default is Broad Match. Your ad appears when any search phrase includes your keyword. Although you receive maximum exposure, your traffic is low-quality. Your best options are Exact Match and Phrase Match.

Phrase Match:

Your ad is triggered when your target phrase is contained in the search terms in the same order.

Exact Match:

An exact match is required for your target phrase search terms prior to triggering your ad. Google accepts close variants including plural and singular forms, misspellings and abbreviations. The same applies to your negative keywords.

Best Ads Extensions To Improve Performance

Google Ad extensions are classified as information snippets to make your ad more clickable and relatable for searchers. Of the 18 extension types available, six are best for PPC real estate ads.

Location Extension:

You can include your street address in your ad while encouraging locals to contact you and providing navigation assistance to your office.

Sitelink Extension:

This extension links your service offerings with information customers may require. When your extension is clicked, the person can go directly to your most relevant page. Consumers can find what they want without wasting time.

Price Extension:

The first thing most of your customers look for is price. Price extension enables you to provide specific pricing information on the SERP or search engine results page. You can increase high-quality leads while filtering out low-quality leads. Each ad can include eight price cards.

Call Extension:

The majority of individuals using smartphones conduct online searches. This extension allows them to directly talk to your salespeople instead of going to your site.

Callout Extension:

The Callout Extension provides you with 25 extra characters for key business information. You can place emphasis on your specific strengths, features and benefits to impress your audience and provide them with useful information.

The Bottom Line

At Zeller Media, we understand real estate requires a lengthy sales cycle. We help ensure your success by providing a healthy and consistent lead flow you can use to convert your potential buyers. We believe PPC is one of the most effective ways of generating this flow. We face the challenge of attracting qualified leads while preventing irrelevant clicks every day and we succeed.

AdWords is driven by data. If you do not understand Google Ads, you are not alone. Unfortunately, this means you can easily lose more money than you gain. We pay attention to the details to increase your lead quality while decreasing your cost.

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