Medicare Lead Nurturing

March 7, 2021


Author :

Bradley Zeller

As a Medicare agent, you know how crucial Medicare leads are to the success of your business. Chances are you have spent hundreds of hours seeking out leads and testing Medicare marketing strategies for efficiency and results.


Developing your company's plan for reaching out to potential clients requires testing various methods of outreach for maximum effectiveness.


Whatever source you use to keep your supply of hot Medicare leads plentiful, the important factor is how quickly you make actual contact with an individual in accordance with Medicare marketing guidelines. Hot Medicare leads quickly go cold, so time is of the essence in making actual contact.


Your company makes a big investment in Medicare lead generation, so it is wise to use a multi-level response.


Technology has provided another way to reach people with out a phone call. It is called texting. No appointment is needed to send a text message because the intended recipient can read it at their convenience and think about their reply before sending a return text message.


Send a text, place a phone call, and send an informative email simultaneously. Highlight the main points of your offer and ask for an immediate response.


Almost everyone these days carries a smartphone and spends time sending and receiving text messages. Advertising by text is a valid way to reach large audiences with your important message.


Let Zeller Media Help You With Medicare Marketing


Zeller Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that is committed to your company's success!


Here's how they help you and your company be and achieve your very best:

  • Their professionals partner with you to create a personalized strategy that reflects your unique goals.
  • The Human Factor: In addition to digital monitoring, an experienced expert reviews and monitors your account daily
  • Dashboards are custom-designed to report your company's progress in real time
  • No assuming done, Zeller's approach is data driven
  • On-going testing to insure continual growth


One satisfied client, South Florida Medicare Specialists, reported a 300 percent increase in Medicare Supplement leads as a result of Zeller Media's capable assistance. One valuable tool Zeller used to boost their Medicare lead generation was a custom-designed landing page featuring a multi-step lead form that generated ultra-qualified leads that the agents could more easily convert. Automated text responses and email responses designed by Zeller Media made it easier and more natural for potential clients to send positive responses to establish hot leads Medicare hot leads to their Medicare email marketing.


Calendly Helps Clients Book Appointments Directly


In the process of nurturing Medicare leads, a service like Calendly makes your job so much easier!


Being able to hold meetings online where members of office staff can discuss the merits of a specific Medicare Advantage Plan, for example, with a potential client or customer would make the job easier and more enjoyable.

How Calendly Works


Once you sign up for a Calendly account, you can enter your available time slots for meetings and let Calendly take care of the scheduling for you. Calendly will create a link for you. You can share your link by email or embed it in your Website for easy access. When the invitee clicks on a time, the meeting is added to your calendar. To avoid the possibility of being double-booked, Calendly integrates your schedule with calendars like Outlook, Google, iCloud, and Office 365. Meetings with individuals, work teams, or departments can be easily arranged.

Customize Your Calendly Experience

  • Send confirmations and reminders by text or email to decrease no-show rates
  • Schedule in extra time before or after an event
  • Set a cap to place limits on the number of daily meetings
  • System has 'intelligent time zone detection and schedules meeting according to the invitees' time zone
  • Customize your profile by exchanging Calendly branding with your individual brand
  • Meetings can be scheduled on any device, anywhere, allowing for easy meeting planning when traveling



With the help of services like Zeller Media and Calendly, you can optimize customer interaction and take advantage of hot Medicare leads and grow your list of successfully converted cases. Your customer base will expand with improved ROI. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping many senior citizens find the Medicare Advantage Plan that will greatly enhance their health and quality of life.

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