How to Find Motivated Seller Leads in Real Estate

October 5, 2021


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Bradley Zeller

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Did you know that the supply of available homes dropped to under two months last year? The real estate market has been hot with interest rates down and families looking for more space. However, with the changes in the economy, there are many other homeowners who haven't been able to keep up with their mortgages each month. Are you interested in capitalizing on low-interest rates while also helping distressed homeowners get out from underwater? Then today's market might just be the goldmine you're looking for. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to find warm seller leads. If you keep running into roadblocks finding new leads, then you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn how you can find motivated sellers interested in selling quickly for cash.

What Are Motivated Seller Leads?

To start, let's define what are motivated sellers. A motivated seller is a homeowner who needs or wants to sell their home quickly. There are various reasons that this might be including, but not limited to, pre-foreclosure. Homeowners who've been recently transferred in their job will need to sell quickly in order to move to their new location. Couples going through a divorce also will need to sell quickly as will the grown children of recently deceased parents or needing to move their parents into a higher level of care. Second, what are leads? New leads include anyone who might need your products or services. Whether you're a realtor or investor you need consistent new leads. Therefore, motivated seller leads are homeowners who need your services to help them sell their homes quickly. Your job is to create a system that brings in new leads consistently so you never have to worry about whom you'll work with again.

How to Find Motivated Sellers

To be successful in your business you need a source of continual new leads you can market your services to. When these leads are also motivated to sell their home quickly then these are your motivated seller leads. As we showed you need a system to bring you new leads consistently. To truly up level your lead generation you should use several different methods. The key is to start with one and then slowly add in new avenues for lead generation over time. Additionally, as you scale your lead generation you will find that you need to also bring on experts to help you so you can spend more time growing your business and less time looking for new motivated sellers.

1. Update and Optimize Your Website

Your website is your online digital storefront and billboard. When someone hears about your services the first thing they will do is to search for you online. What will they find when they do this? Your goal is to ensure that they find a professional website that outlines not only your expertise but how they can work with you. The best way to do the former is through an engaging and authoritative blog that answers the questions your clients are searching for online. For the latter aspect have multiple different ways visitors to your website can learn how they can work with you. Everyone who visits your site will have different goals and favorite ways to communicate. Not everyone will want to call you and not every visitor to your website is ready to jump to this level of contact. Offer a free download in exchange for their contact information so you can still convert those who aren't ready to schedule a discovery call.

2. Think Outside the Box on Social Media

When you think of outreach online you will inevitably think of social media. And you likely thought of the big three platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, these platforms are saturated with thousands of other realtors and investors also looking to work with sellers. For your social media efforts, you should instead think more creatively. One great social media platform you've probably never considered is NextDoor. This is a social networking app for verified residents of specific neighborhoods, don't discount how much of a gold mine it can be for finding motivated sellers. Another social media website you might be overlooking is LinkedIn. For this social media platform, your focus should be on connecting with other professionals who have similar audiences as your ideal client. Again, think about who your ideal client might include such as those going through a divorce or other life changes such as retirement or job changes. Connect with professionals who work with these individuals such as lawyers, financial advisors, moving companies, or mortgage brokers. Staying linked up with professionals in these verticals will give you a warm connection to their clients who can benefit from your services.  

3. Utilize the Power of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising gives you the opportunity to find new leads at scale. There are only so many hours in your day to meet with other professionals, update your website, and run your business. If you're ready to take your lead generation to the next level then you need to invest in paid advertising. When you target the right keywords you will find a continual source of new motivated sellers ready to work with you. Unfortunately, many investors and realtors aren't sure what keywords to target and end up paying for ads that don't bring in qualified new leads. Don't waste your time and money on ads that don't work. Instead, work with an expert who can ensure that you can increase your lead generation at scale. In addition, when you work with us we will send you a text and an email notifying you so that you can begin following up with them right away.

4. Blanket Your Area With Direct Mailers

As much as we like living in a digital world, the fact remains that the personal touch is still very effective. In today's society, the only mail most people get is bills. And for troubled homeowners behind on their mortgage, likely the very act of going to the mailbox can be defeating. Imagine their surprise when they check their mail and see a personalized postcard from you offering them a free checklist to update their home. Once they download your free offer in exchange for the free download you can begin to market them with your services and expertise. You can also send every homeowner in a certain neighborhood a postcard announcing a recent sale you made in their area. Share with them how much you sold it for and how quickly you were able to move the property. Then offer a free comparative market analysis of their home so you can show them how much their property might be worth. You never know which of your postcards will land in the right mailbox at the right time. Don't discount this method as too analog in a digital world. These types of personal messages are what will make you stand out in a crowded field and will bring new leads for months to come.

5. Don’t Neglect In-Person Marketing

From real estate investor meetings to financial advisors and divorce lawyers, think about the people you know in real life who can be a great source of new leads. Don't be afraid to reach out by phone or in-person to expired listings. These could be homeowners who weren't willing to take a discounted offer 90 days ago, but now their finances have changed and they need to move quickly. Another great idea is to hold and visit open houses. People love to come to see what their neighbor's homes look like on the inside. And this can be a great way to get to know the neighborhood in person while also showing them how you can help them sell their home quickly. Look at your current circle of influence, who do you know that you can ask out for coffee? Let them know what you do and what you offer your clients. Ask them to keep you in mind the next time they hear someone lament that they need to sell their home quickly. You'll be surprised how these tips can help you fill your funnel with consistent new leads every day. Your business is only as healthy as your list of leads so don't let your list run dry by neglecting these time-tested methods for generating interest in your business.  

Increase Your Lead Generation Today

As you can see you can move away from buying cold lists of old home sellers. In today's digital world you need to focus on finding motivated seller leads online. And the best way to do that at scale is through paid digital advertising. You don't have time to find the right keywords and create optimized web copy. That's where we come in and help our customers to find the perfect leads through updated best practices for maximum results. And we can help you do the same for your business. Stop wasting your time checking and rechecking your funnel for new leads. We offer real-time texts and email so you never let a warm lead run cold again. You can't afford to wait another day, reach out to us today and see how we can help you up-level your lead generation now.

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