Best Ways To Market Your Mortgage Note Buyer Business

November 23, 2020


Author :

Bradley Zeller

How to get the best mortgage note leads

Every day, mortgage note holders head to Google and elsewhere on the internet to figure out how much the note could be worth to them. Selling their note is a big step, and they’re looking for a reputable investor they can trust to offer a fair price and make the process as smooth as possible.  

Where does Zeller Media come in? We put you in front of these potential sellers in the critical moment. We can offer you leads from people looking to sell their mortgage notes, but where we shine is in the quality of those leads.

Better mortgage note leads & better ROI with inbound marketing

What we do is called inbound marketing, and it’s proven to offer high-quality leads at a great ROI for many industries, yours included.

This is because our paid search strategies target the right potential customers at just the right time. Instead of shouting at a broad crowd like a billboard, hoping to win over 1 in 1,000, your advertising dollars are only spent putting what you have to offer in front of people actually looking or considering to sell their mortgage note. We do this with targeted advertising on Google and other sites popular with your target demographic.

We won’t spend your advertising budget on wasted clicks. We build every mortgage lead campaign from the ground up, and we constantly monitor performance, making tweaks here and there until it’s as effective as possible. We turn to the best digital tools to do this, but we’ve also found that a human touch goes a long way. This is why your campaign is consistently monitored by a real person with extensive paid search experience. 

What’s in a good mortgage note buyer webpage?

We’re good at what we do because we understand your customers. We understand that selling a mortgage note is often a decision not taken lightly, and that’s why educating them to help them make an informed decision is the best approach to bring in business.


Once we’ve caught their attention by targeting their online search terms, we bring them your way with just a click. Then it’s your time to shine.

Every note-buying site we build is crafted with effectiveness and conversion in mind. This  doesn’t mean, however, that it feels like a sales pitch. Here are a few things that make for a good lead-generating note-buying website. 

The page needs to be informative. There are a lot of good reasons to sell a note, on the seller’s end, from a new investment opportunity to a time-sensitive cash-flow solution. Don’t let any of these go unmentioned to potential sellers.

The page needs to offer some comfort. Selling a note is a big step most folks don’t often take, so assuring them the transition will have a minimal impact on them is important. Things like how future payments can be affected and whether there are any up-front fees or costs are going to be on the top of their mind. No up-front fees? Don’t miss the chance to drive that point home.

The page needs to capture the right information. The more you ask of users on a landing page, the less likely they are to convert. Our contact forms capture the essential contact information, of course, but we also collect the basics on the property in question so both Zeller Media and yourselves can categorize and analyze the leads.

About Zeller Media

At Zeller Media, we craft detailed strategies to bring leads to investors like yourself who purchase loans, notes, deeds, and other valuable assets.

Our team has proven experience bringing in qualified leads for purchasers of mortgage notes, and we’d like to talk with you about what we can offer. Get in touch with Zeller Media today.

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