5 Tips for Motivating Your Home Sellers

August 26, 2021


Author :

Bradley Zeller

5 Tips for Motivating Your Home Sellers

As a real estate business owner, it's important to keep your home sellers motivated. Here are five tips for doing so successfully.

So you're looking for real estate leads. But if you are ready to step up and focus on the quality, not quantity, of leads, you need to know how to look for the right home sellers.

And that starts with understanding how to attract a home seller to your real estate business. In other words, you need a bit of insider knowledge of what motivates that person to get in contact with you.

To help you master that, here are our top 5 tips for motivating your potential home sellers and compelling them to sign as a new lead on your real estate website.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

You'll know first-hand that some sellers will tell you: "we're not in a rush to sell." But the truth is, all sellers have some sense of urgency, even if they don't necessarily sense it.

That urgency might come from a dream house they have an eye on, a change in jobs, or a family need that motivates them to move.

If you can understand how to tap into that sense of urgency, you'll connect with that emotional side of your house seller. It is that same feeling that will drive them to work with your real estate business.

2. Discover Common Motivations

It's not just urgency that motivates a home seller. Moving home is ultimately about aspiration; it's that deep-rooted desire to create a better life and a more glamorous lifestyle.

Your biggest challenge as a real estate business is to peel through the layers of your buyers' motivations and get to the core of what they want from a house move.

Communicate that on your landing page, and you will get plenty of high-quality sales leads from the very customers your business is looking to target.

3. Talk in Their Language

One of the biggest traps real estate business owners fall into is to use real estate jargon and expect your customers to understand it.

Some people will recognize that technical language, but only those who have been home sellers for a long time. But to reach a more significant and broader market, you need to talk in a language the average person will understand.

Strip back your website and marketing copy to the bare bones, and talk in a manner with which your customer will instantly relate. Swap your language choices. Instead of closing a deal, talk about getting a cash offer.

4. Be Professional

No matter whom you target, professionalism is top of the list of sought-after qualities of a real estate business.

That is easy to achieve with lead generation once you apply a few simple rules.

Take the time to create beautiful, simple landing pages with accessible marketing copy and relatable photos.

Showcase people over processes; results over services. And make everything work smoothly and seamlessly, from that first online ad through to that initial cold call.

5. Be Relatable

Finally, don't forget that people want to work with humans, not businesses. Take out the impersonal and replace it with a warm, friendly, relatable brand with which people connect.

That will make your real estate business relatable and help you stand out from the competition. When motivated home sellers spot you in a Google ad, they will take that split-second decision to browse your website.

Make It Easy for Home Sellers To Discover You

Once you know how to motivate home sellers in your marketing strategy, you'll discover a significant improvement not only in the leads you get but in the quality of those leads.

Start making that transformation right now with a quick, no-obligation call with one of our consultants. We are here and ready to help you create a campaign that will help you find those motivated home sellers your business wants.

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