Top Medicare Lead Generation Companies Hate Facebook Ads and Swear by These Alternatives

February 18, 2021


Author :

Bradley Zeller

Facebook Ads is not the only way to generate Medicare leads for your business

Google Ads has a lot of unexplored potentials that could help you generate more Medicare leads. It’s no secret that the top Medicare lead generation companies take advantage of Google Ads and happen to appear on the top of the search results. These are the companies that end up having the most leads due to the fact that their lead generation campaigns are either sponsored or easily found organically.

While Google Ads are very beneficial, the top lead generation companies have found that Facebook Ads aren’t as effective. Here are five alternative ways that can help you generate more leads:

  • High Quality Website Content
  • Live Transfer Leads
  • Pay Per Call Medicare Supplement Leads
  • Establish Partnerships with Other Insurance Agents
  • Turning 65 Database

1. High Quality Website Content

Medicare SEO

Creating high-quality website content is a key for long-term success with generating Medicare leads. This allows you to attract more leads by providing content that acts as a lead magnet. Through this method, you can direct website visitors to your email lists and get them to follow up by taking some kind of action.

The main goal is to make sure that you present your business as a credible entity within your industry. You want to make sure that potential clients are able to trust your services and are willing to keep coming back to visit your website. Once you start seeing consistent organic leads each month, you know that you are providing the best website content possible. Although this should not be the main way you get leads, it can be an effective strategy that can help you steadily gain profits for your agency over time.

2. Live Transfer Leads

Medicare Live Transfer Leads

Many argue that live transfer leads are the greatest way to get leads because they have a low cost per ad (CPA). They also happen to result in highly qualified leads and optimize your agents’ time. Live transfers involve screening prequalified individuals who are already interested which makes them more likely to close. These are individuals who are already screened for illnesses like heart disease, cancer, etc.

Usually, live transfers end up being some of the best leads and will help you connect with top Medicare insurance leads companies. These leads are seen as profitable and will maximize the overall efficiency of your agency and call schedules. The CPA for live transfers is also very low which makes them a smart investment choice.

3. Pay Per Call Medicare Supplement Leads

Pay Per Call Medicare Leads

You can use a pay-per-call system to pay for calls transferred to your agents. The difference between pay-per-call systems and live transfers is that pay-per-call systems are not as qualified as live transfer leads. You will have to have your agents spend more time warming them up and spend more time on the phone.

4. Establish Partnerships with Other Insurance Agents

Medicare and Life Insurance Agent Partnerships

It is common in the life insurance company to build partnerships to benefit multiple parties. This is a supplemental strategy that allows you to gain qualified leads and exchange final expense leads between parties. This may take years to develop but over time you will see that many agents sell similar products as you and can build a partnership with them. Sometimes you can get free Medicare leads from agents when you create professional impressions.

5. Turning 65 Database

t65 medicare leads database

It can be very rewarding to create targeted campaigns. If you can obtain databases of individuals turning 65, you will be able to gain qualified leads. You will have to purchase these databases and it may be smart to obtain databases of individuals approaching 65 to make sure you get to direct them to your services. When you reach out to these individuals, you are allowing yourself to become an authority that they will reach out to when they are in need. This is a strategic way to create consistent Medicare lead generation.

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