Top 4 Best Marketing Practices for House Flippers

January 9, 2022


Author :

Bradley Zeller

Flipping homes is becoming increasingly popular among people looking to enter the real estate market. But, without using the best marketing practices, your home could sit on the market without a buyer for weeks to months. If you're looking to make the most out of the homes, you're flipping, it's essential to market the home the right way. Are you ready to become the house flipper that everyone wants to buy from? Check out these need-to-know marketing practices below.

1. PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is when you pay a specific amount whenever one of the ads you've launched is clicked on. PPC is a way of increasing the amount of traffic your website gains. It's beneficial for house flippers looking to conserve cost because you maintain control over how much of your budget for marketing is spent. You can also target a specific person based on their geographic location. We recommend hiring a company with expertise in PPC that can help you achieve the desired results you're looking for.

2. SMS Bulk Marketing

18 billion texts are sent every day by smartphones users, making the use of SMS bulk messaging a cost-effective and smart plan of attack when you're looking to market your flipped homes. All you've got to do is secure a list of verified leads. Once you've done this, create captivating and engaging text to send out to people on your leads lists. It's a great way of getting the word out about properties you're selling, and can also be used to find properties that are being sold by their homeowners.

3. Build Relationships

There's no better way to get the word out about a home you've flipped than through word-of-mouth marketing. But, to secure a high volume of word-of-mouth marketing is through building relationships or networking. Networking can help you to secure different connections that can help you throughout the house flipping process. There are some specific people you need to network with, including:

  • Local landlords
  • Experts in relocation
  • Real estate agents in your area

These people will have insight into incoming residents and those looking for properties to rent or buy. You need to ensure you balance your time between completing your flip and attending these networking opportunities when they're hosted.

4. Utilize Social Media

More than 4.48 billion people use social media every single day. Take advantage of this and market your flipped houses across your social media platforms. You can highlight different elements of your design and post updates on the upgrades you've made to the home. As young get closer to finishing the flip, you'll build anticipation, because people want to see what you do next.

Best Marketing Practices for House Flippers

The best marketing practices will only work if you implement them the right way. Whether you're using social media or PPC marketing for your house flipping purposes, take your time and ensure it's producing the results you're looking for. Speaking of PPC, contact Zeller Media if you're looking for a company skilled to help you increase your leads and sales.

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