Lead Form Extension Performance on Google Ads

April 22, 2020

Lead form extensions are a relatively new extension that is still in Beta on Google Ads.. Lead forms help you collect leads directly from your ad. People interested in your business or service can engage with you by filling out the form without having to visit the company's website. This is very similar to ad types on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter which have been very successful.

At Zeller Media, some of our clients are using the lead form extension with interesting results. We have analyzed performance from our clients in a 90 day period to measure if this extension is effective.

> Served on 25% of mobile and tablet impressions

> Received 0.35% of clicks when the extension was served

> Drove 30% conversion rate which is 50% higher then overall conversion rate

The good news is that the lead form extension drives high conversion rate; however, they rarely get clicked on compared to other extensions. At Zeller Media, we are going to continue to test the lead extension form and try to increase the CTR on this extension by adjusting the extension text and the call to action button.