Google Updates Call Ads To Include An Optional Website Link

April 24, 2020


Author :

Bradley Zeller

Mobile click-to-call ads (Call Ads) on Google are a great way for business to drive phone call leads only for their business. This ad format can drive great success and is used by clients at Zeller Media. Google Ads has announced they have updated the ad format which is exciting and a great update to a great ad format. The update gives more flexibility for customers to connect with your business by allowing the ads to include an optional “Visit website” link with your call-only ads. As part of this update, Google is changing the name of this ad format from “call-only ads” to “call ads.”

This update is very beneficial because it allows advertisers to use an ad format with a prominent mobile phone action while allowing consumers who are interested to visit the website to find out more information without having to call. This is different then running a extended text ad or responsive text ad with the main call to action of driving a click to the website while also possibly showing a call extension under the ad.

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