5 Medicare Marketing Tactics You Have to Use to Generate More Leads

January 26, 2021

Creating a Digital Strategy to Improve Your Medicare Leads

If you are struggling to generate more Medicare leads, then you should consider improving your marketing strategy. Instead of relying solely on prints like newspapers and brochures to market your leads, try these five strategies to bring in new customers:

1. Paid search using Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

2. Paid social with Facebook Ads

3. Search engine optimization

4. Local business listings on Google

5. Display advertising showing banners on the internet

Paid Search Using Google or Microsoft Ads

Google and Microsoft Ads aren’t a secret when it comes to generating leads. Many professionals use these ads to get their name out to the right audience. Google itself is a great place to run ads because it is a giant search engine that knows what people search for. For example, if you want to run a successful ad campaign, make sure to advertise on the Google Search Network, Search Partners, and the Google Display Network.

An excellent example of paid Google search would be if you bid on "Medicare services" in order to have your ad be ranked. Bidding is like an auction and every time a user searches for that keyword, the ad biddings are ranked based on how much people will pay for that term and their quality score.

In order to make the best use of this technology, these companies give you the freedom to decide where you want to send your potential customer. You can direct them to either your landing page, website, or any other link of your choice. Pay per call is also another feature you can utilize. Notice that if you turn your ads off, the flow of traffic to your link may also stop.

Paid social with Facebook Ads

Furthermore, Facebook Ads is an excellent Medicare marketing method. The ads are always relevant to what Facebook users have searched for before so it is likely that you will gain leads this way as well. Facebook Ads is a great place to run ads because it provides potential customers with a simple experience. All they have to do is click on your ad if you need them to fill out any forms. Since the ad is on Facebook, the form will automatically be filled out with all of their contact information. After they submit the form, it goes directly to you which makes it a seamless process to gain qualified leads almost instantly.

An example of a Facebook ad would be setting up a target audience based on their age, location, languages, interests, or create a Look-a-like Audience. You will have to set up a budget bid for each click or thousand impressions. You will have to make sure your ads have a target audience like "Home & Garden or "New Paper Subscribers"

In order to find the right audience to send your ads to, Facebook Ads allows you to select them with their optimization software. You can also create custom forms to make sure that you get the information you need from potential leads. In order to maximize your sales, your new leads can be synced with your customer relationship management technology (CRM).

Search Engine Optimization

Moreover, another great Medicare marketing method is to use search engine optimization. This method works best when you put in a lot of detail into the user's post-landing experience as you do with their pre-landing experience. The best way to optimize this method is to ensure that people will find your website when they search up a related term. In your case, you want to make sure that you use keywords that make it easy for leads to find you when they search for specific terms. For instance, try deeply analyzing the first page of Google search for your preferred keyword so you have a better view of what you need to compete.

An example of how you can use search engine optimization is by making quality content on your website. You also have to do a keyword search before you even write anything. This helps you place keywords in your title – a very important detail to have for search engine optimization. Other places to put keywords would be in your meta description and URL. Make sure you use keywords that attract the right audience such as "affordable" if you are selling a service.

Local Business Listings on Google

Another way to generate more leads is to consider listing your business on Google. This will help local clients find you when they search for Medicare services near them. Google business listings are very popular and many people look for businesses every day to find the services they need. As a matter of fact, Google takes up 73% of the search engine market so you will want to add your business into their Google business listings. You can even start getting reviews that recommend your services and gain additional leads as a result. You can get started by connecting Google My Business with Google Analytics.

An example of how to have a successful business listing on Google is to make sure you provide the search engine with the information it asks for. You can create mini ads by creating a Google Post. You can create a call to action post that tells users to go to your website if they look up "Medicare insurance providers near me."

Display Advertising Showing Banners on the Internet

Lastly, using digital advertising to show your banners online can help you generate leads if you do it correctly. In order to do that, you have to create a banner that actually converts your Medicare leads to clients. Do not cram too much information into these ads because they are designed to be pop-up ads that get to the point. They should tell your audience what they need to do in order to become your client. Nonetheless, your goal is to get as many ad clicks as you can get once potential customers make it to your landing page.

An example of how to use the Display Network is by creating a target audience based on keywords. You can also choose what websites your display ad appears on. Make sure to use keywords wisely to make sure you have a high CTR considering the fact that you pay per click for your ads.

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