10 Ways to Build Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Leads Pipeline

March 1, 2021


Author :

Bradley Zeller

Medicare lead generation whether you are a new agent or an experienced insurance agency owner, the words alone have the ability to give anyone a headache. Though if the generation of insurance leads is your business lucky for you, there are plenty of strategies out there.

Medicare lead generation is the procedure of attracting and transforming prospects and strangers into somebody that has shown some interest in your service or product.

For starters, great medicare lead generation can come from a never-ending willingness to try and experiment with multiple tactics or combine different tactics together across multiple channels. It is very unlikely that one tactic or technique will directly lead your business to success. More often than not, you will most likely need to use multiple channels at the same time.

When this is method is used properly, you will be able to use your budget and time more efficiently by focusing more on methods or techniques that work, and this will eventually lead to overall better medicare lead generation results.

1. Build a website

These days a website has become a necessity for medicare digital marketing today; however, the website does not need to be complicated. On your business's website, you should clearly highlight what you do, who you are, and why the customer should choose you instead of your competitors.

Websites will give potential clients a place where they can educate themselves more about your business and provide them with information that can benefit them in return for their emails and names. There are multiple services that exist out there that have made it their specialty in hosting and creating websites and can easily offer you an affordable and simple website.

The contact information you will receive on your website is the leads that will assist you in starting your conversations. Based on the website pages your potential clients have submitted their data on, this will give you the chance to start a conversation that can potentially lead to the transformation of your potential customers into paying customers.

It is important that you learn some of the basic principles of SEO and successfully use them on your website, or you might decide to hire a marketing expert who will take you through the whole process. You will be required to understand the phrases and keywords that people in your industry are searching for and easily update your online presence accordingly, that is, if you want to be found by potential customers on search engines.

2. Create a Social Media Presence

Today social media is among the most powerful and effective ways to directly communicate with your potential customers, and the elderly are among the fastest-growing demographic of social media users. Social media offers educational and entertaining content that is relevant to you.

The main goal is to become more consistent with your information. If you are able to create useful content regularly when your client is ready, they will think of you.

3. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is among the least used methods of medicare leads generation. It is really easy to sit down and record a video, create a YouTube channel and post it. The videos do not need to be complex. These videos can be a series of simple educational videos about you or short updates.

You make a recording of yourself talking about a topic or a blog and share the video. A lot of people like videos that are straight to the point and short. You don't need graphics or production.

4. Writing Articles and Blogging
If you want, you can choose to call it a newsletter, but if you do not have a blog, you should think about starting one. Your potential customers are looking for more information about you. If you are worried about what content to put on your blog, you can think of questions your potential clients would ask and then go ahead and answer those questions.

5. Email
Today email is still one of the most dominant methods of communication. A lot of people have complaints about the rate of response from emails, but this is often affected by the quality of content you're emailing and the people they're emailing it to and not the medium itself.

6. Online Events: Podcasts, Live webinars
Educating your customers is one of the best ways to engage with your potential customers and educate them more about your business.

7. Client Referrals/ Direct Requests
Word of mouth will continue and has been among the most productive forms of advertising. When it comes to client referral leads, the closing rate is very high. This is because the potential client has already been converted into a paying customer and is ready to pay for your service or product.

Each sale should be completed by a referral request. This will be even more effective if you add an incentive for each referral. This could be something simple like a gift card to a coffee shop.

8. Print Advertising
Print media will get better results, especially if it is targeted towards the senior market. There are numerous community publications that are specific to a niche. If you go through any magazine, you will see an advertisement.

9. Medicare Lead Stands/ Information Booklets
This method will not get you those medicare leads as fast as you want, but it will consistently produce medical leads for you, plus it is very cheap.

10. Direct Mail
The return on investment on direct mail is decreasing while at the same time, the cost for direct mail has increased. If it is used creatively and effectively and targeted towards a specific group, it will produce great results.

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