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Get found on anywhere people search online. We offer paid search management and PPC consulting for your business.

Systematically Striking PPC Strategy

1. We can produce a full audit of your existing account

We provide an audit of all aspects of your PPC account to ensure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment. This includes looking into your account settings, ad copy, landing page experience, coupons and discounts, conversion data, and any other aspect of your account that may be affecting your success. We will provide a  PowerPoint presentation with screenshots from the account. We will then provide our analysis of your account, including recommendations like which keywords to focus on, ad copy messaging, demographics, locations, and landing pages to optimize your account.

2. We will help consult you with your overall business

We have vast experience working with fortune 500 companies to small businesses with 3 million per year or higher sales. We will look at your current business plan, customer acquisition cost, industry, lifetime value, the overall marketing and conversion strategies you have in place. We will provide a full business plan for your PPC based on that. This will include recommended changes for your website and your overall marketing strategy. Based on our review data, we will also give you recommendations on what bids you should be running.

3. Review customer process and retention process

Based on your time and resources, we help you determine which aspects of customer retention are an option for your business and which ones will be most effective. We determine the right messaging, the right incentives, and the right amount of time to keep a customer before they become stale. We will also make recommendations and refer you to experts who can help you with these specific aspects based on an overall strategy tailored to your business.

PPC Growth Is One Click Away

What services do we offer?

1. One-time audits

We provide you with a full audit of all AdWords elements. This includes your keywords, ad copy, website and landing page settings, and more. We will take the data you already have to create a complete picture of your current account. We can also help you give insights into existing keywords that don't fit your campaign and which will work best for your business.

2. Paid search management with business consulting

We do this by charging a $2000 minimum fee, 10% paid search media spend, or 15% paid social spend, depending on which is greater. We provide a full audit report and suggested changes to understand your account better. We have a full-time on-site account manager to help you with day-to-day campaign issues and strategy. This includes monthly reports, calls with feedback, and the ability for you to email our account manager directly at any point if there are questions and concerns.

What is in the audit?

1. Ad Copy

We will analyze your ad copy and determine whether you're using responsive search ads to ensure that you're displaying ads to the right search terms and for the right audience. We will provide a report to you on your current ad copy and make recommendations for an excellent ranking score from google. We will also look at all of your ad extensions and determine whether or not you are using them in your account. If you aren't, we will recommend that you begin doing so to see the benefits for your company. We will also look at the image ads in your account and ensure that they are relevant to your business. If the images in the ads do not fit with what you're selling, we will show you how to update them per keyword.

2. Landing Pages

We will review your landing page experience and report recommendations we have to enhance the user experience. We will look at the length of your landing page, offers made, calls to action, organic traffic numbers, bounce rates, and whether you're using responsive search ads on your landing pages. You may be surprised when you see our recommendations for improving these areas from an overall SEO standpoint as well as a conversion standpoint. We will also ensure you use a landing page with a mobile-first design, as this is crucial for mobile traffic. Websites with too many click links and no clear call to action will not be as effective, so this is something that we take into account. Checking the placement of hero content, hero images, and the overall placement of the contact are all essential elements to consider in this report.

3. Demographics

We will consult you regarding your demographics and help you determine which demographics to target over others. We will assess your demographics based on gender, age, and interests to ensure that you target the right audience for your business. We will also make recommendations on how you can target these demographics within your account and connect with these website visitors by creating specific offers and messaging on your landing pages. We will look at the demographics of each specific geographic location you are targeting and determine the CPA for that location. We will compare these costs to determine the effectiveness of each demographic you are targeting and whether or not your strategy is working for that area. We will also suggest improvements and show you how to get the most out of your account budget by bidding individually per area.

4. Locations

We will review your account settings and determine which locations should be changed to have better success. If you have an existing campaign, we may recommend adding more countries or states. If a specific area is underperforming, we will remove it and focus on other areas. We will check your location data and analyze it in the context of your account. We will look at the amount of search traffic you are getting from a location, the demographic makeup of that area, and other factors that may be affecting your campaign. We will then give recommendations on where to focus your account's time, money, and resources, as well as what bids to run per keyword targeting that location.

5. Keywords

We will look at a list of your keywords and determine why you are targeting specific keywords. We will review the relevance of your keywords to your business and determine whether or not you are using responsive search ads with this keyword. We will then review the landing page experience for that keyword and determine what messaging should be included on each keyword landing on a specific landing page. This is beneficial because you can use your landing pages to speak directly to those individuals using that keyword rather than having a generic message for all visitors. We will then examine the ads served by your account and recommend changes based on how well they are performing. We may also recommend keyword additions based on seasonal factors, trends in your industry, or other data.

6. Audiences

We will look at your audience lists and determine the best way to use them. We will determine whether or not it is a good idea to target your audience directly in your campaigns or if it would be more beneficial to use remarketing ads. We will advise you on how to create remarketing lists of website visitors best and determine the CPA for remarketing campaigns. This can often be cheaper than a search campaign due to the targeting used in creating these ads, but they are also less effective if they are not correctly laid out. Different types of audience targeting like in-market, in-product, and demographic targeting lists can also be used in remarketing campaigns to define the people you want to target. We will determine which audiences to use, what ads to create, and the overall strategy for these ads.